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A Historic 1850s Farmhouse on a Scenic Vermont Dairy Farm

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Sugaring Season in Vermont

Welcome to BRANFORD HOUSE ANTIQUES, home to our Monster TobaccoMania Sale (John Hale's magnificent Collection),This Olde Office and Thor's Vintage Bait & Tackle Shop , This Olde Kitchen, Vintage & Antique Furniture, Just Funk (specializing in Steampunk) and so much more.

Sugaring season is a bit late this year due to our lengthy and severe winter but it is on now. The maple season is in full blast but will be short lived with much warmer evenings on the horizon. Many Vermont maple syrup makers switch off to birch syrup making after maple season is over and the birch season will last until early summer. All the photos on our home page were just recently taken and all of them are of Vermont sugar shacks and all within just a few miles of our farm. Each time you click on our home page you should get a different sugar shack or maple tapping image.

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Branford House is the home to hundreds of collections of bygone Americana. The items presented for your evaluation are fresh to the market antiques and most have not been on the market in decades. We are adding shops monthly, so please check back often to be among the first to view the new offerings.

All items are sold only by Branford House and not by individual dealers and are sold on a first come first served basis. We allow returns (for any reason) within the first seven (7) days of receipt. Customer must pay all return shipping & handling and the same item originally sent must be the same item received back and in the exact same condition it originally left Branford House. Otherwise, all sales are "where is and as is" and are final. We also do generally accept trade ins if you purchased the item you want to trade from us and it is in the same condition you bought it. We will honor the price you originally paid toward a trade for another item in our inventory.

We are happy to send photos and to answer questions via email. Often the same photos we exhibit on the web do show more detail via email so please do not hesitate to request them.

Simply click on one of the shops (left of this screen) to start viewing our galleries full of antique and vintage items.

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