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Carter's replacement typewriter ribbons and carbon paper were displayed and stored in this beautiful oak cabinet which was provided to general stores free of charge. It was considered a very high quality and attractive cabinet and one the store keeper would be happy to predominately display and usually right up front on his main counter. Notice the large and colorful decal on the back and the two smaller ones on each of the ten (10) drawers.

This cabinet is reminiscent of very similar spool and thread cabinets popular in the late 19th century. While later, mid-century Carter's cabinets are easily found, beautiful early ones like this guy seldom show up. We believe it dates somewhere in the circa: 1895-1920 era and most likely right around 1912. It is in remarkably good condition and would make a wonderful display piece to go with any antique typewriter and/or ribbon tin collection.

It measures approximately 21.75 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep and 17 inches high. It weighs approximately 50 pounds without packaging. We are offering it with free pick up in Rutland, VT or Leesburg, FL or to meet somewhere along the way. If shipment is required, we can deliver it free of charge to our local UPS Store No 6321 (802-773-7410). The manager is David and he always does a good job packing and shipping antiques. .

Carters Ink Company was started in Boston in 1858 as William Carter Company selling paper and inks. It continued in business under a variety of related names but always making and selling inks and paper until the company was sold in 1976 to the Dennison Company.

In the early 1890s with the great emerging popularity of the typewriter, the company began making and selling typewriter ribbons and typewriter carbon paper. The various replacement typewriter ribbons were housed and sold in tins and often sported very colorful lithographic designs. One might compare today's computer printer ink cartridges to typewriter ribbon tins. However, today's cartridges are not housed in attractive and very collectible tins.

The photo with the typewriter is meant to show how well the cabinet can display an antique typewriter and the typewriter does not come with the cabinet.


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