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1890 Perfect Pointer Pencil Pointer

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From This Olde Office collection comes this wonderful and difficult to find early pencil pointer from the Goodell Company of Atrim, N.H. These do not show up that often. One would still have to use his pen knife to shave off the wood and then the pointer could add that "perfect" point. When they do show up they are usually missing the insert (or its broken) which holds and turns the point as one pulls or pushes the round pencil holder against the file.

Since the instructions, date and manufacturer data is on a paper decal on the bottom of the pointer, it is often too worn to fully read. This one is still very clear and easy to read. This pointer is approximately 10.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches high and 2.5 inches deep. We are estimating the condition rating on this early and wonderful piece of antique office technology at 2,2.


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