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Two (2) Blickenderfer Antique Typewriters

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You are purchasing two (2) Blick typewriters for restoration or for parts including a Blick 5 serial # 48597 out of This Olde Office collection which is missing one key top and with four (4) mismatched key tabs with a specialized and unusual keyboard. The carriage does not advance when the keys or space bar are struck but each key does properly turn and selects the desired letter or symbol on the type ball. There is some light tarnish and a little paint loss. The cast iron frame is complete and without any breaks, cracks or repairs. We estimate the condition rating on this Blick 5 at 3,3-.

The other Blick is an all aluminum Blick Featherweight, serial #191663 out of Wally's magnificent collection. This machine has the Blick scientific keyboard but is missing 5 key tops. the stems and key bases are fully intact but missing the key tops. Also the print ball is damaged and appears to be missing a large piece. the carriage is not advancing when keys or the space bar are struck. This machine features a very unusual (I have not seen this before) extended carriage. It appears capable of handling a 3 inch platen extension or a full nine (9 inch) platen. There is tarnish on the bright metal parts but not on the aluminum. The cast aluminum is in tact and without breaks, cracks or repairs. We are estimated the condition rating on this machine at 4,4.

Again, you are purchasing both (two machines) for the one money.


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