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1903 Peerless Calculator serial #3487

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From This Olde Office collection comes this early model Peerless calculator marked "patent pending". It has a cast iron frame and base and machined brass cover pieces. All the interior gears appear to be steel. It is approximately 11 inches deep, 5.25 inches high and 17 inches wide. It weighs about 30 pounds. I do not know how to work it and since I have lost my patience a long time ago, I will not attempt to learn how. However, it does appear to be working as intended in that all the gears and cracks are free, move and appear to register. All in all this is a pretty attractive machine,it was state of the art and the highest technology of its time.

It was invented and built in 1903 by Mathias Bauerle (1838-1916) of St. George in the Black Forest of Germany. He was a very successful clockmaker. He entered his new Peerless Adding Machine and won gold medals for it in exhibitions in St. Louis (World's Fair of 1904). Lieg (1905) and Milan (1906).

We are estimating its condition rating at 2,2.

It does have a wooden case which would need to be sent separately so we are selling it separately, see below.


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