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Caligraph Antique Typewriter serial # *377

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From This Olde Office collection comes this early Caligraph typewriter with a very low serial number: *377. The label is worn off so we cannot determine the model number but believe it is a model 2 or 3. It is the early version with the celluloid over paper key tabs and the reason they changed from the celluloid, it clouds over and becomes very brittle and breaks away allowing the paper tabs to escape. Several of the celluloid and paper tabs on this machine are missing and the other ones have clouded over. Also, this machine's platen has the flat services required for printer type vs the later invented typewriter type. This early machine has the dual keyboard before the shift key was invented. However, all the keys and wooden key stems are present and without breaks. This machine has some paint losses, tarnish and is very dirty. However, it is in good working condition with good action. We are estimating the condition rating on this machine at 3,2.


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