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Perkeo Folding Portable Typewriter serial # 25536

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From This Olde Office comes this beautiful Perkeo (serial 25536), folding antique portable typewriter in its original case. While I do not think of the Perkeo as rare, I can only recall having one other one in over 30 years of doing this. I cannot recall seeing another offered for sale in a long time. The Perkeo is very similar to the Standard and to the folding Corona 3. Just like those machines, this one folds the same way with the carriage folding over the top and onto the keyboard. Since it was contemporary to the early days of those machines, I wonder if there were infringement lawsuits. To my eye, the Perkero is much more similar to the folding Corona 3 then the folding Fox portables were and Corona was successful in removing them from the market. Maybe because the Perkeo was made in Germany?

This machine was made by Clemens Muller A.G. in Dresden, Germany in or around 1912. It is in very nice condition with no cracks, breaks or repairs to the frame and with all of its original paint. The graphics are very clear and easy to read. This machine has a very nice steel and glass keyboard. It is not quite QWERTY but is QWERTZ. The machine is working very nicely and with good action. The carriage advances when the keys and space bar are struck. The only issue I could find is that the "I" key is sticking a bit. We are estimating its
condition rating at 2,2-. The "2-" is because of the sticking "I" key.

It comes in its original canvas over wood case which is also in good condition.


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