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The Spiro Pencil Sharpener

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Wow, of all the antique pocket pencil pointers I have had, this one is one of the more interesting. It has an approximate 1.5 inch diameter. It has very clear and easy to read graphics. On one side it has two (2) female inserts. The larger one for filing the wood off the pencil and the smaller one for the lead only. It clearly states The SPIRO Pencil Sharpener, patented Jan 14, 1908, and The Spiro Mfg. Co of NY, NY. It also provides information where replacement blades can be purchased. The other side has an adjustable gauge from 1 to 10 which allows placement adjustment for the cutting blade so as to assure even and efficient use of its blades. This pocket pointer is scarce and a must for most collections. circa: 1908


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