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Hammon Multiplex Typewriter serial #AL199488

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From This Olde Office collection come this very nice and clean Hammond Multiplex Typewriter (serial # AL199488) from 1914. The Multiplex was designed to hold two (2) type shuttles at the same time and hence its' name: Multiplex. The shuttles could be two different fonts or languages, etc. This machine does have two shuttles with different type print. It also has an additional celluloid keyboard for the second shuttle which fits into clips above the keys to assist in using the alternative shuttle.

This machine is in good condition with no brakes, cracks or repairs in its cast iron frame or metal housing. All the graphics are clear and easy to read. The bright metal is bright and without tarnish. The tin ribbon cases and covers are all original and in good condition. All the letters on the key board and the glass covers are clear, easy to read and without any breaks or cracks. There are no paint losses. It comes in its original case which is structurally sound but the canvas covering is separating in some places. This machine is working as intended and we have estimated its condition rating at 2,2.


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