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Presentation Corona 3 serial #V 690000

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From This Olde Office collection: This very special and quite beautiful LC Smith & Corona folding 3 bank Corona 3 typewriter features a unique granulated finish on the sides and front and probably was made to celebrate the incredibly successful accomplishment indicated by the serial number.

While it does have the Corona name on the center front it also has the LC Smith & Corona on the front bottom center indicating it was made after 1927 and the approximate time of the merger. The center bottom frame may have been repaired but it is hard to tell for sure. If it was repaired it was a very good job and the frame is now completely structurally sound.

This machine is clean and all bright metal is shinny and without tarnish. It is working well and with very good action. The keyboard is qwerty and features unique and actually stunning steel and plastic key tabs in remarkable mint condition. It comes in its original material over wood case which is in good condition and still has its original key. This was obviously a specially made machine and probably was a presentation gift of some sort. There is definitely more to this story. We have estimated the condition rating on this machine at 2,2.


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