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Early (1883) Black Eagle Pencil Sharpener

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The first pencil sharpener patent was issued in the 1850s and was the very simple technology still being used in the 1890s incentive merchandise pencil sharpener giveaways. They were very small so that they could easily be carried in ones' pocket or purse. Unfortunately, they performed a marginal job at best and people often preferred to use a pen knife instead.

The Eagle Pencil Company, one of the largest pencil producers throughout the 19th century, introduced their pencil sharpener in 1883 and it was no more than pen knife. The blade would use gravity to be exposed and locked in place and then again to retract and stay safely hidden away.

This black Eagle pencil sharpener with retractable blade is marked the "Eagle Pencil Company" and is dated 1883. It is in very good and fully working condition. It is approximately 3.75 inches long when closed and with a 1.25 inch blade about 5 inches long when opened.


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