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Chivern Cottage Cheese Box Pencil Sharpener

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The first incentive merchandise promotions in the USA & England became popular in the late nineteenth century and pencil sharpener giveaways were among the very first ones. Pencils with advertising were also popular but a pencil was soon used up while the sharpener could last decades. The simple technology was descended from the first pencil sharpener patent issued in the 1850s.

This little pencil sharpener is in the shape of a box of Chivern Cottage cheese and is complete with advertising. It does closely resemble the exact packaging of an 1920s box of Chivern Cottage Cheese.

This little guy from 1920s England was made to resemble a very popular and well known cottage cheese product of the time, "Chivern Cottage Cheese". It is in working order and all the lettering is clear and easy read, although my poor photos do not do in justice. It is approximately 1 inch wide, 1/2 inch high and 5/8 inch deep.


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