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Franklyn No 9 Typewriter serial#18861

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Price was reduced on 12/4/2012 from $1,175 to $940

This Franklyn was purchased in the 1904-1907 time period by Herbert (Bert) Davidson of Brockton, Massachusetts. Bert was only the second individual in the state of Massachusetts to hold both a professional steam engineer and a professional electrical engineer license. Herbert was an associate and worked for Thomas Edison and is seen in at least one surving photograph with Edison at the Brockton site. He went on to became chief engineer of the company (The Brockton Edison Company) which was the site of what has generally come to be recognized as the world's first "...commercially viable, safe, and standardized power production and distribution network"

This machine was Herberts' personal typewriter and used almost exclusively by him during the balance of his life. He died of tuberculosis just before the start of WW1 and left the typewriter to his eldest son, Alton Baker Davidson. Alton became a very successful and well accomplished professional photographer in the Brockton area. He treasured and proudly displayed this typewriter, one of only a very few items passed on by his father, all of his life. Alton enjoyed a long life and retirement in the Cape Cod area and died at the age of 95.

This Franklyn No 9 typewriter, serial number 18861 was made some time between 1904 and 1907. The No 9 model was the last Franklyn model made by the Franklyn Typewriter Company of Boston, Massachusetts. There is a mention of a Model 10 but none have yet turned up in the typewriter collector community. The Franklyn Typewriter Company was purchased by the Victor Typewriter Company of New York in 1907 and the Franklyn models were discountinued and replaced with the more contempory looking (featuring visible typing) Victor models.

This machine comes with its original tin lid and wooden case base. It appears to have all major parts present. We have estimated its condition rating to be a 3, 2- due to some loss of paint and the presence of tarnish on most of the bright parts. It is working with the carriage advancing with space and letter key strikes but many of the keys are sticky. A very good cleaning, polishing and little lubication would help a great deal.

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