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Caligraph Sewing Machine Style Typewriter Stand

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We recently found this typewriter stand at an antique store in Southern Vermont. I certainly knew of, and have seen, similar Sholes & Glidden stands but I was of the opinion that by the time the Caligraph came out in 1881 the sewing machine stand was obsolete. I guess not. There is no tredle so that was obviously gone by that time. The stand originally had a drop leaf oak shelf and that is missing but could be replaced pretty easily. It has its original cast iron sides spelling out Caligraph on both ends and its original oak table top.

We have a Caligraph 2 sitting on it in the photo but it probably was designed for the smaller Caligraph 1. The stand is approximately 25 inches high, 24 inches long and 16 inches deep.

The stand could be taken apart and packed for shipment if desired and delivery or shipping is extra. Please email or call for a quote?


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