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Cash Typograph Typewriter - Auction Over

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This is the machine in the photograph on page 110 and described on page 135 of Adler's Antique Typewriters, From Creed to QWERTY. It is a historically important machine and the only flat screen platen typewriter ever made. It was designed and manufactured by its inventor Arthur Wise Cash in Hartford, Connecticut in 1887. There was very limited production and very few machines have survived to today. We know of three other specimans and are sure there are a few others out there. Because of its historical importance and rarity, we would guess its value and desirability to be similar to that of an Oliver Model 1 or an electric Blick.

This particular machine is in its all original condition except for the key tabs and the cloth on the platen. We replaced those for display purposes but the original key tops and the original platen material does come with the machine. The balance of the machine is original and in excellent condition. The machine was working but after being idle for about ten years is not now functioning or, more likely, I just forgot how to operate it. Because I can't seem to make it function and because I believe all parts are present, I am estimating its condition rating at a 2,3. However, you are buying the machine "as is" so please do check it out carefully before bidding.

We have had offers of $25,000 for this machine in the past when it was not then available for sale. This sale is in an auction format. We will accept bids (email or telephone) from March 17 thru March 31 and now plan to end the auction at 5:00 PM on March 31. However, we will continue to accept bidding until we reasonablly determine the bidding has ended. We are happy to send additional photos and/or jpgs on request and the machine is available here for inspection from 10:00AM to 5:00PM daily except Wednesdays and Thursdays when it would then be available only via an appointment.

The minimum opening bid is $25,000 and only subsquent bids in increments of $500 or more will be accepted. As bids are made we will adjust the price below to reflect the last bid price. We also will post updates in this section as bids are received. If a minimum opening bid of $25,000 is not tendered then the machine will be available on this web site with a price of $25,000 for a limited time. We may then offer the machine on Ebay in an auction format.

Payment must be in US dollars and only wire transfer, bank cashier's check or certified check are acceptable unless other agreeable arrangements had been made in advance of bidding. It is expected that payment will be tendered within 3 business days following notification of the winning bid. Otherwise, the underbidder (if any) will be awarded the winning bid. Shipping, packing and insurance is the buyer's responsibility. We are happy to assist in any reasonable way including free delivery to our local UPS Store, which we can highly recommend.



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