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LC Smith & Corona Four Bank Portable #2

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This is a 1930s vintage LC Smith & Corona, Standard four bank portable. It comes with its original leather and wood carrying case. It has incredibly good action (see below) and if you want a typewriter to actually type with than this is the machine for you. Like all of our typewriters, it could use a new ribbon if you do plan to type with it.

This is one of the machines in the collection I bought in the early 1990s from Mr. Feldman who was a typewriter repairman in New York City from the 1940s thru the 1980s. His largest account was the Los Angels Times New York City office. He went there one day a week and would tweek the machines and change ribbons, etc. Whenever they needed a new typewriter he would take in a trade and purchase a new one for them. This was probably one of the trades-ins.

Usually, when I acquired portables I would bring them to the Rosebowl fleamarket in Padadens, California on the third Sunday of the month and sell them for only $10 each. People would buy them for their children to play with (typewriters are literally magnets for kids) as though they were toys. People would also purchased them for the keys to make jewelery (now that has become a part of the current Steampunk movement) and some would repair them for typing envelopes and other light typing.

Now, Mr. Feldman's machines were, and still are, a completely different story. All of his portables have incredibly good action. They literally jump to life when you hit the keyboard. He was truly a master technician and his machines remain a testimonial his talent. If you want a portable to actually use for typing, then you can't go wrong with one of his old machines. We rate this portable as a 2,2.

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