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Burroughs 1931 Typewriter

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Burroughs was huge in banking, business adding machines and calculators as well as other business machines so it was just natural that they would come out with a typewriter. Never the less, they clearly stumbled with thier new product. They first came out with a manual model in 1931 and then an early electric verison (all the electric motor did was advance the carriage) in 1932 but by 1936 they were out of the typewriter business. It was probably the depression that really caused their typewriter failure since the machine itself was a pretty good one using proven contempory designs of other sucessful typewriters of the time.

Therefore, today Burroughs typewriters are a little scarce. This one is the early manual and seems to be working well and generally as intended. It definitely could use a good cleaning so you are buying it as is. We couldn't find a serial number on it so that can be your first challenge after the purchase.


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