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US Signal Corps WW2 Teletype Machine

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The price was reduced on 12/4/2012 from $925 to $740

The US Army Signal Corp's teletype typewriter was the US major method of military communication during WW2 and was the US equivalent to the famous German enigma machine. While the enigma actually calculated the encoding and the decoding of military messages as they were typed, US coding was performed manually prior to being typed and then again manually decoded after being received on the other end. After several generations of communication technology obsolescence, most WW2 vintage teletype typewriters ended in the scrap heap. Because of their souvenir value and collectible status, more enigma machines probably survived to today than did teletype typewriters. Does that mean that a WW2 vintage teletype typewriter is rarer today than is a enigma machine?

This machine is in wonderful condition and still has its original US Army Signal Corps shipping case. Of course, in order to truly test out this typewriter you would first have to first hook it up to a oceanic submerged cable. It is definitely from WW2 and does have some early 1940s date marks. Our price below is for store pick up only but local delivery or UPS shipment is available, so please call for a quote.


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