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Fay Sho No 7

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This was the famous product of the sons of Christopher Sholes the inventor of the first typewriter and of E. Remington & Sons the manufacturer of the first typewriter. Zalmon Shoes was the designer and Franklin Remington was the general manufacturer of Fay-Sholes Typewriter Company. The typewriter was originally called the Rem-Sho but lost lawsuits thus preventing the use of the competitor's name "Remington" so they changed it to Fay-Sho and sometimes Fay-Sholes was also used. Fay came from Charles N. Fay the president of the Fay-Sholes Typewriter Company. Eventually, they won a Supreme Court decided appeal and reverted back to the Rem-Sho name.

We couldn't locate a serial number on this particular understrike machine but believe it was manufactured around 1904. It is in rough condition and what a real estate agent might call a "fixer upper". The left carriage knob is missing and the right one is missing a large chunk. Otherwise, it does appear that most, if not all the other, parts are present. It is not currently working and does have some tarnish. We have estimated its condition as a 4,4. We do believe it to be fully restorable.

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