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New Century Caligraph Number 6 seria l# 21931

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This New Century Caligraph No 6 (serial#21931) is the one in the photograph on page 157 of Adler's Antique Typewriters From Creed to Qwerty, 1997 by Schiffer. It is in great original condition and we have estimated its conditional rating at 2,2. It comes with its original tin case and original oak base. We did repaint the tin lid for presentation purposes. This machine was manufactured right around the turn-of-the-century (19th century), let's say 1900. It was designed by Walter J. Barron for the American Typewriter Company and was an effort to modernize the older elongated predecessor Caligraph versions, hence the name "New Century". It has seven banks of keys, (three rows for capital and three for lower case and one for numbers) and was advertised as "no need to shift keys".

While this was a serious attempt to modernize the Caligraph it missed on probably the most important modern typewriter trend of the time, visible typing. The New Century Caligraph No 6 is an understrike machine and for that reason alone was only around for a short time. It was discontinued in 1908 when the predecessor manufacturer (The Union Typewriter Company) discontinued it in favor of a visible typewriter. The New Century Caligraph is actually scarcer than the other older Caligraph versions (excepting, of course, for the Caligraph Model One).

The price below includes free S&H for anywhere within the USA and since this is a rather large and heavy machine (especially with the tin lid and oak base) there is an additional charge of $100 for S&H&Insurance via US Priority International Mail for anywhere outside of the USA.


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