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Lambert Typewriter serial# 4035

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This is the earlier verson of a popular index typewriter. It has the embosed and golden lettering "Lambert". It comes with its original case but is a square oak case and not the cylinder type oak veneer version with the globe decal like the other Lambert offering we currently have listed. What is somewhat unusual is that all the lettering on the keys appears original but is in a very bright red color which does make it quite attractive. The last patent date listed on the machine is 1900 and it also states that it was made by the Lambert Manufacturing Company. It was most likely made in the 1900-1902 time frame. This machine is in as found condtion and it and its case could use a good cleaning. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition. All the lettering, pinstriping and decoration is bright and easy to read. The machine is functioning well and has a very good action. We have estimated its condition rating as a 2,2. On October 30, 2010 we reduced the price from $1.275.00.

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