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North's Typewriter serial# 2136

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The North's typewriter was the invention of Morgan Donne and George Cooper who earned British patents for in 1890. However, it wasn't until two years later that it entered the market thanks to financing by the English Lord North. Unfortunately, Lord North died a short time later.

The North's is a four bank downstroke machine and most unusual due to its large paper roll holder. The type stroke is behind the platen and not visible. As the turn-of-the-century neared, invisable typing was clearly becomming obsolete. All of these negative features along with the lost of the financing source brought a quick end to the North's. It was only on the market a few years.

This machine is in very good condition and still has its original tin case. It is all original with clear graphics and good paint and all of its components. There does appear to be a repaired crack on the back and the bottom of the frame but it is not very noticeable and with the repair the frame is very solid. We have estimated its condition rating as a 2+,2.

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