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Franklin Typewriter serial# 10201

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This is the Franklin pictured on page 75 of Adler's Antique Typewriters, From Creed to QWERTY, 1997 by Schiffer. While it does have a paper decal indicating "New Franklin" on its paper tray it has the script Franklin on its face shield and the serial number (10201) indicates that it is probably a Type IV and not a Type III (Richard Dickerson's cataloging system).

The Franklin patent was applied for in 1888 by Wellington Parker Kidder of Boston who went on to invent other sucessful typewriters including the one bearing his name "Wellington". The first Franklins appear on the market in 1891 and were manufactured by The Franklin Typewriter Company. The last Franklin Typewriter was manufactured in Boston in 1907 when the company was purchased by the Victor Typewriter Company of New York and the Franklin was phased out.

This machine is in very good condition. Its original tin lid is present and has been restored. The typewriter is operable but it does need some adjustment. All the components are present but some keys are sticky and the carriage moves irregularity. We have estimated the condition rating for this machine to be a 2,2-

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