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Antique Foot Powered Dental Drill

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Can you imagine being a patient when the dentist is using foot power to run the drill. Give me the laser everytime. Oh right, we didn't always have lasers.

The pedal does work and one can operate the foot pedal to get the gest of its operation. Pick Up is free and we can ship this guy for an additional shipping and insurance flat rate charge of $70 in the US via Parcel Post and $155 for overseas via US Priority International Mail.

D ental Drill, operated by foot power
E stimated drilling time, about an hour
N otice classical shape and form
T he patient's fear, pain and scorn
I magine being in the dental chair
S eeing the doctor pumping with care
T hank God it is now obsolete fare

D o notice its clever Victorian design
R ealize this could be your great find
I n active service around 1890 or so
L ittle used since electricity in tow
L aser outdated all, don't you know


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