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Commerical Visible Typewriter serial #25397

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While there are one or two specimens of models other than Model 6 around, almost all surviving machines are the 6. The Commerical Visible Typewriter was first patented in 1899 by Richard W. Uhlig who is credited with up to 50 typewriter designs and improvements and it was manufactured by the Visible Typewriter Company of New York which previously did have a few name changes. It was only made and sold until 1908 when it then disappeared from the market place. This short life explains the relative scarcity of the Commercial Visible Typewriter. Surviving specimens are in the 22,000 to 25,000 serial number range.

It uses a type ball similar to the Blickendersfer but a hammer hits the paper from the rear and forces it against the ribbon. The Commerical Visible is a three bank machine

This particular machine has been fully restored including replacing all the art work so it now resembles what it was like when it was fresh off the factory floor. It still has its original wooded case. We have rated it as a 2+,2+.


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