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Keystone Typewriter serial# 3341 A

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The Keystone Typewriter came out in 1899 and the original model did not have a typeplate cover. A subsquent model did have a cover displaying an interesting logo mark. This particular machine is the earlier version without the cover plate. Other than the cover, there is little difference in the two models. This typewriter is often called a swinging-sector machine with a hammer striking the type from the rear of the carriage and the paper being fed from a coiled paper basket under the carriage. They were only made and marketed for a few years by the Keystone Typewriter Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The carriage was made of pig iron (aka pot metal or white metal) and simply deteriorated or broke with use and over time explaining its lack of popularity and short life in the market. Also, this condition and short market life helps explain the relatively rarity of the Keystoe Typewriter.

This machine, serial #3341A, is in extraordinary and as found condition. We estimate its condition rating as a 2+,2+. The previous owner did a very good cleaning and polishing job and the machine shows very well. It comes with its original oak case which does display the name "Keystone".

This earlier version Keystone closly resembles a Hammond typewriter, both in look and in function and especially in the case with the cover one. When I acquired this machine at an antique show in Keene New Hampshire about four years ago I almost completely passed on it thinking it was a Hammond. I was set up at the show selling Adirondack and camp items and the machine was at a booth at the front of my isle. I walked by it several times thinking it was a Hammond and then when there was a break late in the afternoon and I was bored, I decided to walk over to inspect the Hammond. Wow, was I surprised to see it was a Keystone. Another one of those acquisition stories I will probably always remember.


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