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Very Early Blickensderfer Model 5 Serial# 2002

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This is a very early Blick. It never had a metal name plate like most of the later Blicks. The name and model of the machine was hand painted. We have restored it and replaced the hand lettering so as to be identical to the original lettering. Its serial number 2002 is quite low by its self but if you look closely at the first "2" digit in the photo you can tell it is suspicious and it may have been added or changed. It was common for the first units out of production, or even prototypes that were intended to be subsquently sold, to have serial numbers beginning with 1,000 or 2,000. The serial number on this machine looks like it may have originally been 1002 and then changed to 2002. Perhaps thinking a 2002 serial number would look less prototypish than 1002? While there are known Blicks with serial numbers less than 1,000 the very first ones before mass production of the model began may have had arbitary and subsquently duplicated serial numbers. If that is true in this case, then this particular Blick 5 may have been at that 1893 Chicago Columbia Exhibition. It does have the Scientific keyboard layout. It is in very good and fully restored condition and we would estimate its conditional rating as a 2,2. It comes with its original oak case and an original extra replacement type ball.


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