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Bar Lock No 4 Typewriter serial# 13801

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This Bar Lock No 4 is in very good to excellent condition and maybe even better than that. We rate this as a 2+,2 but others might rate it as a 1,2+. It has all of its original components and is in full working order. Its original hand sculptured copper shield is in its beautiful original condition. We estimate that this machine was made in 1895.

We have found no markings on the machine other than the "Bar Lock No 4" on the shield but we do know it was made by the Columbia Typewriter Company of New York. Partly because there are no other markings, we believe this machine was made in the United States for the US market and has never been out of the country. We acquired it for our inventory in 1994 from an 85 year old New York City typewriter repairman who serviced typewriters in the City for over 60 years. I remember him telling stories about famous writers he knew due to his long term service contracts with a few major newspapers.

He recalled taking this machine in as a trade sometime during the 1940s and was then happy to have it due to its outstanding condition. I remember purchasing his entire collection and every one of the machines were operating as good, or perhaps even better, than when out of the factory. The repairman was truly a master technician. My favorite machine in This Olde Office's collection also came from his inventory and it is the 1886 Sun Dogbone Index Typewriter. Sometimes, the typewriter acquisition stories and relationships we experience are as valuable as the antiques themselves.

Shipping this antique is going to be tricky due to its weight and configuation and we recommend pick up or delivery if possible. Also, we could meet somewhere on the Northeastern Seaboard or at Brimfield, etc. If not, we will very carefully double box and pack the machine for shipment. We will insure, pack and ship anywhere in US for $80 (US Parcel Post) or outside the US (US Priority International) for $155.


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