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Caligraph No2 Typewriter serial No 17077

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This is an antique circa 1880s Caligraph No2 typewriter. This typewriter is in its mostly original condition and only its key cases have been restored. Its original condition is quite remarkable. The keyboard includes both lower and upper case letters since the shift key wasn't invented yet. The Calagraph model No 1 has upper case letters only while the No 2 (like this one) came out a few months later with the dual keyboard and was tauted to be quite an advancement. Also, the platen has tiny flat surfaces since curved typewriter keys were not yet invented and printer's type was still being used. Printer's type required typing on a flat surface. We have graded this Calagraph No 2 as a 2,2.

The Calagraph Number 1 and Number 2 each came out in the early 1880s making them very early typewriters and along with the first Hammonds were the 2nd and 3rd sucessful keyboard typewriters to enter the market about 8 years after the first typewriter (Sholes & Glidden) in 1873.


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