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Standard Folding Type-Bar Visible Writing Typewriter

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Yes, that is the correct name. It was designed and patented by Frank S Rose of New York in 1904. Unfortunately, Frank died in 1905 and his son George picked up the work and started manufactuing in 1908. The name of the company was the Rose Typewriter Company.
In 1909 the rights were puchased and a new company was formed and named the Standard Typewriter Company in Groton New York. In 1911 the typewriter was changed to a black sheet metal three bank folding typewriter and named the Corona 3. In 1914 the company name was changed to Corona. See the Smith Premier One for the full story of Smith Corona and 100 years of manual typewriting history.

This Standard Folding typewriter is often thought of as the prototype for the incredibily popular Corona 3 folding typewriter. Its' serial number is 665 and we date it to aroung 1905. The condition rating is a 2,3-.


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