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Royal Standard, serial #41391

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As a typewriter collector, how many times did someone tell you that they have a valuable old Royal? It seems more people have old Royals than anything else. Of course, I have to tell them that since Royal was relatively late on the scene and not introduced until 1906 they generally are not very collectible. Also, since they were so prolific they are not very rare. Of course, there are some exceptions. The Model 10 introduced in 1915 and similar models with the plate glass panels appear interesting to a lot of people, not necessarily to typewriter collectors. The first model is historically note worthy and therefore collectible. This is the first model Royal and is called the flatbed by collectors. While it did not have a model number designation it is often referred to as the model one. This particular machine is serial 41391 and lists the last patent date in 1910 which is probably the year it was made since the next model (the Number 5) came out in 1911. Condition rating 2,2 There is free shipping anywhere within the USA and an additional charge of $65 to ship and insure for anywhere outside of the USA.


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