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Pittsburg Visible Model 10

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The Pittsburg Visible was a later model of the 1890 Daugherty-Visible. While it is not clearly marked, I believe this one to be a model 10 which was introduced in 1902. The Daugherty and Pittsburg visibles were really the first successful visible (vs understrike) typewriters. The idea was to give clear and easy visibility to the typist of what she was typing as she was typing it.

This machine is in "as found" condition meaning we have not even cleaned it. All the parts appear present and the typewriter is working but the carriage is sluggish and several keys are sticky to the platen. It does have light tarnish but we believe it to be a good canadate for restoration or at least cleaning, lubricating and adjustment. We have estimated its condition rating as a 3,3. The number 10633 is scratched on the bottom of the frame and it is probably the serial number. This machine does come with its original tin lid and oak base.

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