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Jost Model 4 serial # 54449

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George Washington Newton Jost is often given credit for saving the the first S&G typewriter and the entire fragile new typewriter industry. In early 1873 Jost came on the scene when Sholes and Densmore could not successfully and repeatedly produce working S&Gs. It was Jost who had the idea and actually introduced the contract manufacturing concept to Philco and Eliphalet Remington Jr. (Old Eliphalet Remington's sons). Jost must have had an early equity interest in the S&G and it was probably diluted down as new investors, new models and other changes took place over the next two decades.

This Jost Number 4 has been fully restored and was built around 1895. Jost's typewriter designs evolved from his involvement with that first S&G in 1873 to this machine some 20 years later. This is the machine in the photograph on page 57 of Adler's From Creed to Qwerty by Schiffer published in 1997. We have estimated its condition rating as a 1,3 in that it is not working as well as it should.


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