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International Number 5 item # 1211

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The International Number 5 was from around 1890 and is very similar to the Odell and to the Sun Dogbone index machines. While all three do have distinctively different forms, (the International is rectangular, the Odell is round and the Sun Dogbone is shaped like a ... you guess?) they have very similar and almost identical type bar mechanisms. As a way of caution, these type bars do not have any sort of locking devices to keep them on their respective machines so they are often missing. I have had cases for all three machines and they each required the type bar be removed for the machine to fit into the case and hence another reason they were frequently lost. As another word of caution, newly made replacement bars for the Odell were available a few years ago so one should examine these typewriters to be certain they have a type bar and that it is original to the machine. This particular International Number 5 does have its original type bar and is in very good condition with an estimated rating of 2,2.


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