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Lambert Model One serial # 2841

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These early Lambert Index Typewriters remind me of vintage bakelite telephones. But, there is no connection. This is the earlier model and often called the Lambert Model One by collectors but the Company never gave it that designation. However, it is the earlier and first model made by its' inventor Frank Lambert of Brooklyn, New York in the late 1890s. The Lambert model one is the featured typewriter on the cover of Michael Adlers' book From Creed To Qwerty published in 1997 by Schiffer. This particular machine has it all, it is in great shape (we easily give it a 2+,2 rating), it still has its wooden carrying case with a clear and beautiful decal of the planet Saturn, original instruction booklet, a spare ink pad, an 1890s ink bottle, oil can and celluloid cleaning brush. On October 30, 2010 we reduced the price from $2,150.oo and on January 18, 2011 we further reduced the price to $1,400.


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