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American Visible Index Typewriter

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The price was reduced on 12/4/2012 from $1,750 to $1,400

The American Visible and the American Index are two separate machines. The Visible is slighly earlier and dates back to around 1891. The American Visible is definitely more scarce than the American Index and there are not a lot of good surviving specimens around but this is one of them. This machine still has its rubber type pad but it is not attached. The carriage is slow to move and the typewriter needs some adjustments. We have estimated this machines' condition rating at a 2,3. By the way, this particular machine is the one pictured on page 98 of Michael Adlers' From Creed to Qwerty published in 1997 by Schiffer. We definitely recommend Michaels' book for all typewriter collectors and for anyone interersted in typewriter history.


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