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Vintage Minnow Buckets & Minnow Traps

Minnow buckets are important to keep one's bait alive and frisky. There were and are all kinds of devices to that. Some buckets are meant to have the inner portion float while partially submerged in the lake or stream while the wave or current action helps to keep required oxygen flowing through the water. Other devices have various technologies to pump additional oxygen into the bucket. The colored buckets, especially green painted ones, tend to have more value than the plain galvanized metal ones and the more the graphics the better.

Collapsable Canvus Minnow Bucket item# 8s500

This is a very rare and patented collapsable canvus minnow Bucket by the Planet Company of Westfield, Mass and was made in 1899. Its US patent number is 638822.



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