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Recently Sold Index Typewriters

Index typewriters generally do not use keyboards but instead use a stylus to indicate the letter, number or character to be typed. They were the most popular typewriters of the 1880s and in the 1890s generally costing between $5 and $15 when upright keyboard typewriters were costing between $60 and $100. One might be able to type 40 words per minute on a contemporary 1880s keyboard typewriter but only a page a day on the index machine. However, the index typewriter was significantly more affordable. In the 1880s they were advertised as the typewriters for "home use" and for "personal use" which was almost the exact same terms used one hundred years later in the 1980s to advertise the first personal computers.

MW (Montgomery Ward?) Index Typewriter

The MW , (Darryl Rehr suggests the initials may have stood for Montgomery Ward) was one of the many forms of the Gundka index typwriter manufactured in Germany by the Gunda-Werk Gmbh begining in 1924 and through most of the 1920s. It is an inexpensive sheet metal machine and probably a knock off of the earlier cast iron Edelmann index typewriter from the late 1890s. It resembles a toy but was always marketed as a serious typewriter. The type wheel and the letter index can be easily switched out for different fonts and or languages. This machine was meant for the US market and it still has its orignal wood base and tin cover. We have estimated its condition rating as 2,3 in that the carriage needs to be retied since it is not advancing when the keys strike.

Check out our other Gunda Index Typewriters currently in our collection including a Gunda meant for the German market and the more scarce Write Easy meant for the UK market.

Our price including free shipping anywhere in the USA and an additional charge of $25 for S&H&Insurance anywhere outside of the USA.



1886 World Index Typewriter

This World Index Typewriter model One is dated 1886. It is complete and in very good condition. It is all there and is not missing any parts or components. It does need some minor adjustment for the carriage to advance as intended. We estimate its condition rating at 2,2-.

Our price includes free shipping via USPS to anywhere within the United States and there would be an additional $75 for USPS Priority International Shipping to any where else in the world.



JR (GSN) Index Typewriter

This was an inexpensive knock off of the Gunda and made in England around 1930. It was marketed as a toy. Our condition rating is a 2-,2-.



Gescher Index Typewriter

This index typewriter is really a toy and was made in West Germany in the late 1940s or 1950s. It is a cute little tin toy typewriter. It is dirty and we have rated it as a 3,3. It does come with its original case.



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