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Trench & Ammo Art

Trench Art refers to objects made during WW1. They are most commonly vases, lamps and lighters made out of ammuation (shells & bullets) and out of local European coins from that time frame. Ammo Art usually refers to items from WW2 and includes airplanes, ashtrays and lighters made from ammunation.

Both catagories were often made by GIs to help pass the time and bordom of life in the trenches or foxholes.

Trench Art Vase

This vase was made by a dough boy (GI) US Army Soldier in the trenches in France during WW1 and was made out of a spent brass cannon shell casing. It is marked "1914-1918 and YPres". It does have a hole in the side and on the bottom so that it could easily be converted into a lamp which was a common thing to do with Trench and Ammo Art.

The top diameter is approximately 3.25 inches, the bottom diameter is approximately 4 inches and it is 11.5 inches tall.

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WW1 Trench Art USN Sailor & Eagle item# 9FA1000

This is one of the finer pieces of WW1 trench art you will find. It was probably made by a sailor or a returning doughboy and made on a Navy warship. It is made out of a spent brass shell casing and features an American Eagle with a star on one side and a WW1 sailer in full uniforn and sidearm while standing at attention on the other side. It also features "USN" for United States Navy. It does have a low center hole and bottom hole for conversion to a lamp if desired. The carver of this item was obviously a trained sculptor or artist and no ordinary sailor or soldier.

It has a top diameter of 2.5 inches, a bottom diameter of 4 inches and stands about 15 inches tall. Our price include free shipping anywhere within the USA and an additional charge of $45 to ship anywhere outside of the USA via US Priority International Mail.


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Ammo Art Lighter

I am not sure if this is WW1 or WW2. I have had similar items from each war before. It is a shell on an acrylic base. The top 3/3s of the shell pulls off to expose the lighter. The lighter wheel turns freely but is without a wick, flint to spark or fluid to light. The base has a 2.75 inch diameter and is approximately 6.5 inches high.


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WW2 Ammo Art Photo Frame

This photo frame is made from wood and copper and or brass from spent shells and has two identical shells holding the actual photo frame. It includes a WW2 vintage photograph of a sailor in uniform holding a baby and standing next to a young woman. Above the photo are the initials "USNR" and on the bottom plate "1943 USS Altamaha".

USS Altamaha was an escort aircraft carrier in the United States Navy during World War II. She was named for the Altamaha River in Georgia.

The piece is approximately 9.25 inches wide, 2.5 inches deep and 6 inches high.



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